Mitzi Gjoni

Mitzi Gjoni

Systems Administrator

Mitzi is the systems administrator at Navis Wealth Advisors. She is responsible for maintaining the organization’s technology system infrastructure: databases, software, and hardware. She has extensive experience in analyzing, planning and implementing new technologies to ensure businesses run efficiently. Her diverse experience has covered all aspects of computer system implementation, support procedures and documentation, and customer service, including software, hardware, and telecommunications problem-solving.

Before joining Navis, she spent fourteen years as a Technology Manager for the Mamaroneck School District.  There she managed a team of engineers to address Networking, Software, Security, and Hardware. In addition, she enjoyed supporting and training educators, administrators, teachers, students, and parents in all aspects of technology and its applications.

She was also responsible for the strategic planning and the annual budgeting in the technology department. She worked with many industry leaders to align her department with cutting-edge and innovative educational technologies for the benefit of students, teachers, and administrators.

Mitzi earned a Master of Business Administration in Information Decision and Technology Management with a minor in Electronic Commerce from Iona College.

She enjoys running, spinning, traveling, and learning about new cultures. She also loves to travel and reconnect with her Chilean family and culture.